Find Peace…Find Balance

Natural balance helps restore peace of mind and health.

Manage stress in a quiet, non-invasive way deeply helpful to your body and mind.

Doctors confirm that 75 to 90% of their office visits are due to stress related illness.

B K Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine Inc. uses a combination of Biofeedback and stress relief coaching. These sessions can be in person or via telecommunications.


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I started biofeedback at the recommendation of Teresa. I have been very dedicated to my biofeedback visits due to the results being remarkable. I use the word remarkable because the results surprise even me. In 4 months, I have become a healthier and happier person. Biofeedback has actually assisted me in turning health problems around; to the point of some issues not even existing any more. My doctor called and said “I don’t get to make these kind of calls often, but you have turned things around”. Biofeedback’s benefits are tremendous. Teresa’s knowledge and experience enables you to get the maximum results. She offers an alternative way of healthy living.
I am a 66 year old certified Stand Up Paddle Instructor that is excited about teaching this coming season. I thank Teresa for a lot of that.

I started doing Biofeedback with Teresa two years ago, for pain in my legs and feet.
After several sessions, the pain in my legs improved dramatically, and there was no pain in my feet! My energy level has also improved. I always find it to be a calming experience, which has helped with digestive issues.
When I decided to revisit sessions after a couple months away from it, I found out it can help cosmetically! Now I enjoy “tune ups” from time to time and always ask for skin toning. I love the biofeedback and recommend it for many reasons.
Pleased in Pensacola,
Bonnie J.