Energetic Clearing

Soul Clearing Work:

I am honored to provide energetic healing to help people balance energy, remove blockages and find peace.

“Teresa, I just wanted to tell you what a life changing experience my meeting with you was on the Aug 12. I had been having really bad anxiety to the point I was just about to give it up and try drugs (I am allergic to many of the drugs) I was struggling. And since your clearing work, I have no anxiety except a twinge when I am within large groups of people. And I have been sleeping. I am so thankful for your gifts. They helped open a new door of life for me. I am filled with gratitude. I will see you again in the future.” – Janet, Mobile AL

Property Clearing Work:

Many factors can change the energy of your property. Through dowsing and ceremony, I will gently work with you to remove negative energy from you home, office, land or other property. Houses often sell after one simple property clearing, kids and adults sleep better at night. I can clear your home at at distance or in person.

Watch Teresa’s Crystal Clear Cleanse:

Teresa provides clearing work in person, on the phone, or online. Please contact Teresa to schedule a reading and gain greater insight, inspiration, and happiness. For additional videos click here.