“There are voices which we hear in solitude but they grow faint and inaudible as we enter into the world.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Teresa Brown-Konell

Author, Intuitive Medium, Wellness Coach, Healer, and Cutting Edge Biofeedback Practitioner.

Teresa has honed her Intuitve gifts through her hearts practice for the past 32 years. Mentored by her Grandmothers, Native Elders, and other teachers, she integrates ancient healing tecniques with contemporary tools and techniques. Her healing abilities utilize energetic healing, hypnotherapy biofeedback, and Intuitive Wellness Coaching. Teresa offers workshops, group sessions, individual appointments both in her office and at a distance, throughout the United States. She reaches into her heart to share her soul’s journey and intuitive ability throughout the world. She helps others recognize their inner gifts of intuition and healing through workshops and mentoring. As an intuitive medium she is said to “unlock doors to the unconscious” on a personal and corporate level, helping others to tap into their unrealized potential. She lives with her family in the Pensacola FL area where she grew up.

Teresa is a licensed ordained minister. She has worked with many psychologists, gaining a better understanding of the human psyche. She is often referred by psychologists and holistic health practitioners for her energetic clearing work and spiritual counseling. Teresa teaches workshops about Psychic Development, Understanding Dreams, Psychic Protection, and Acceptance of Divine Gifts. She also takes women to the wilderness on Vision Quests.

Grounded and authentic, Teresa carefully crafts her personal lens through perception and insight. She combines a background in esoteric studies and psychology with experience in the corporate world to help clients reach the root of their problems and move into greater success and personal freedom. She hones her gifts of intuition, medium work and of her healing abilities by continually learning from her ancestors, Mother Nature and other Spiritual teachers. She continually strives to help others awake from their spiritual sleepiness to gain their truest sense of self.

Please contact Teresa to schedule a reading or to find out more about how she can help you gain greater insight, inspiration, happiness or communication with the other side.

“TB, as she is known to our house, is a force to be reckoned with and we love her!”

“My relationship with Teresa began almost a decade ago…she predicted I would soon marry a tall, dark, handsome guy and move to the Carolinas… and it happened within a year. What started as a single session to help me “figure out life” has turned into a long lasting relationship of trust, reliability and deep appreciation. She is my “go-to”. She is mine (and my family’s) energetic healer. I have two little daughters “gifted” like me. We are intuitives, indigos, and sometimes attract unwanted energy. Teresa is our protector. I would like to share a recent story… my youngest (probably the most “gifted” of us all) had a toy that was going on and off. A quite sinister voice was projected. I caught it on video. Even with me telling it to stop with force… it took Teresa from afar… doing a deep cleaning of my house, myself and my daughters before the unwanted pesky presence left. And I felt a peace come over. And I have a hundred more stories I could share. TB, as she is known to our house, is a force to be reckoned with and we love her!”

— Holly (Tampa, FL)

“As a health practitioner myself , I am very impressed with what I have experienced!”

I would like to recommend Teresa Brown-Konell’s healing work. Her biofeedback has been particularly helpful to me during my recent experience with mononucleosis. I was experiencing a lot of brain fog and memory challenges. Her sessions have had, and continue to have, an amazing benefit on my brain! As a health practitioner myself , I am very impressed with what I have experienced!

— Dr. Bonnie McLean, AP, OMD, MA, BSN

As a Practitioner I recommend Dr. Bonnie McLean at Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture — Teresa.