Psychic Medium

Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way. – Florence Scovel Shinn

As a Psychic Medium, Teresa Brown realized that she could often “see” family members after they crossed to the other side when she was a young child. Not alone in her abilities, her cherished Grandmother, also clairvoyant, helped her to understand how to listen to angels and the voices of spirits, and interpret signs in nature and dreams. She recognizes her abilities as gifts from the Creator and uses them to help others “see” beyond this world.

What is an Intuitive Medium?

An Intuitive Medium is someone who has both a highly developed Psychic ability as well as being a Medium, or someone who is capable of speaking with spirits from the other side. An Intuitive may not be a medium but a medium does always have a capability to be an Intuituitive or Psychic.

Please contact Teresa to schedule a reading or to find out more about how she can help you answer questions and gain insight by communicating with the other side.