Past Lives

Silence of the heart is necessary so you can hear God everywhere. – Mother Teresa

At least a quarter of Americans now believe in reincarnation, yet most do not know how to reach those past life experiences to learn and grow from those lessons. As an intuitive medium, acting as a channel to communicate with spirits, Teresa shows how the life we lead right now is a continuation of our souls’ journey.

If only we would all stop for a moment, consider our actions, and use our intuition to get in tune with our higher selves, I believe this world will be a better place. There is plenty of room for us to change. But, it starts at home, in our minds, in our bodies, and in our lives. – Teresa Brown

Learning from Past Life Experiences

People are searching for inspiration and basic tools to understand their roots and to find love and appreciation. Tapping into past life experiences through Life Readings, Dream Work and Past Life Regression can bring to light amazing insight and lead to healthy, positive transformations.

What is a past life regression?

A regression uses hypnosis (focused relaxation) to help someone “remember” past lives. It is safe and the participant can always choose whether or not to stay in that time period or change and go to another time. The participant is aware of everything and may stop at anytime or continue. It is incredible to find out how our past lives have affected our present lifetime and can often be beneficial in moving blockages to happiness in our present lifetime. The price for the regression is the same as for a one hour reading.

What is a past life reading?

The Intuitive or Psychic reveals the lifetime picked up about the other person. In my case, I am clairvoyant and the imagery comes to me in pictures or movie like imagery which I share with the person. It can sometimes resonate in a way which assists in opening up to blocks or help in gaining insight about situations. It is a good way to start , before having a regression. Teresa provides past life work in person, on the phone, or online. Please contact Teresa to schedule a reading and gain greater insight, inspiration, and happiness.